Site update #1

Just a quick update with some site news! It feels a bit ridiculous when this is all less than a week old, but I’d like to be transparent and publicly document the things going on. I’ll be using the post category “Meta” for all things about the website itself.

I’ve created accounts for a couple contributors so they can log in and get a feel for how WordPress works. This is all still an experiment, and there are no guarantees about anything, but I still think that the idea has merit and the whole thing’s already been paid for until next year, so we’ll keep moving forward!

I’ve also been working on the look of the site which included some attempts at graphic design. I created the logo and default post featured image, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an amateur pixel pusher at best.

And last but most exciting, we have the first post that’s not just site meta, so that’s nice to see.






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