I had a geocaching phase last summer, and I believe I found about 4 or 5 in North/central MN. However there were a few destroyed or that I couldn’t find. There was a surprising amount of caches for a small lake town, and that seems to be a pattern across the state. I had no idea it was such a big thing!

I think that geocaching is a fun activity to do, and it would be very fun to make a cache as well and see who logs it! It’s a niche, but very welcoming community in my opinion. If you’re unfamiliar, a geocache is a little container with a logbook inside, and you get the coordinates and some hints and try to find it. They’re usually hidden in trees or behind things, and it’s super fun to look for them. It also can be super frustrating, especially when they are hidden just right out of sight behind a sign…. Some caches are in beautiful locations; the most memorable one for me was located on a hill above a beautiful round red barn from 1913.

We all need fun scavenger hunts once in awhile, so I think we should bring geocaching back. This summer let’s all go get ticks while aimlessly wandering on the side of the road looking for caches! You may look crazy, but at least you’re having fun. Who cares what people driving by think? Plus, you get to explore back roads and areas that you never usually get to, and see unique scenery.





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